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What Are the Types of Home Care Agencies?


We can consider it a great blessing if we reach senior years and be able to age in place. We, seniors, can enjoy and achieve more in life. However, we may encounter challenges along the way, such as frail health, injury, some forms of disabilities, chronic conditions, and more, that may jeopardize our independence. When this occurs, we may need some forms of aid, like the ones provided by home care agencies, such as the health care services in Minnesota, to continue living as comfortably and independently as possible. What follows are the kinds of agencies that can provide us with home care services:

  • Medicare Certified Home Health Agencies (CHHAs)

    For older adults 65 and above, Medicare is the USA’s federal health insurance program. If Medicare patients receive services like personal and home care services, Medicare will only cover the expenses if the services are provided by a Certified Home Health Agency (CHHA). Agencies eligible for certification offer skilled nursing and a minimum of one therapy.

  • Home Care Agencies Licensed by the State

    The federal government provides certification for home health care agencies, but several state governments set agency licensing criteria to aid in protecting clients. If the state does not provide special licenses, the home care agencies are required to have the standard business licenses to operate legally.

  • Non-Medical Home Care Agencies (Companion Agencies)

    The non-medical care agencies known as companion agencies for eldercare are not under federal or state licensing. Qualified professionals deliver services such as friendly companionship and aid their customers in doing chores and errands and are paid for them. Public or private insurance does not cover these types of services.

  • Home Care Employment Agencies

    People looking for home care nurses and health aides can get referrals from home care employment agencies. It is possible for consumers to directly contact, hire, as well as pay caregivers. When we decide to hire home care workers, its benefit is that when we work with a credible home care employment agency, all the people in their database have been thoroughly screened.

At AMANI HEALTH CARE SERVICES LLC, we provide excellent quality home healthcare services delivered by our highly proficient healthcare professionals to meet your health needs. Feel free to contact us about our personal care attendants in Burnsville, Minnesota.

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