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We work to provide you with effective treatment solutions so that we can enhance your quality of life.
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It is important that when faced with a serious illness or injury, your care team is managed by a qualified physician who will see to it that the type of care being carried out is of quality. At Amani Health Care Services, our physicians work in managing your medical problems and providing treatment solutions that will suit your specific condition.

We believe that your specific condition requires a solution that fits your needs. That’s why our physicians work closely with you and your care team to establish a care plan that is effective with respect to your preference.

Our Physician Services include:

  • Assessing the patient’s condition and providing diagnosis through medical tests
  • Providing consultations for possible treatment solutions
  • Managing the patient’s medication and recommending changes in the medication plan, if necessary
  • Organizing the care plan of the patient along with the care team
  • Reevaluating the given care plan and monitoring its outcome
  • Communicating with the patient and the care team regarding the care administered and the progress of the patient’s condition
  • And more

Tell us if our Physician Services can be of help to you. Know more about what we can do by calling us at 952-683-1628. For any inquiries you have for us, you may send us a message.